By preparation and publishing of the Heritage and Modern Times journal the editorial group follows international standards for editors, reviewers, authors and publishers, prepared by the Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE, and Elsevier publishing house.

Editors’ Responsibility

  1. Editors are responsible for everything that they publish, and have to acknowledge this responsibility.
  2. Editors make an honest and objective decisions irrespective of commercial reasons and provide honest and effective process of independent reviewing.
  3. Editors apply editorial policies, encouraging maximum transparency, and also maximum completeness and reliability of publications.
  4. Editors protect the reliability of the published materials by modification and denials (withdrawal of articles), when necessary, and also respect cases of estimated illegal behavior, when carrying out research and its results publication.
  1. Editors struggle against illegal behavior when reviewing and editing.
  2. Editors critically estimate ethics of research that involve people and animals.
  3. Independent reviewers and authors are informed on all the requirements imposed on them.
  4. Editors have appropriate policies for managing editorial conflicts of interests.


Reviewers’ Responsibility

  1. Reviewers should agree to review only those manuscripts they have sufficient knowledge in, and which they can review in time.
  2. Reviewers should respect the confidentiality of the review and not disclose any details of the manuscript or review during or after reviewing to anybody, except for those persons authorized by the journal.
  3. Reviewers should not use information obtained during reviewing for their own benefit or benefit of other persons or organizations, or for infliction of harm to other persons or other persons discrediting.
  1. Reviewers should declare all possible conflicts of interests and address to the Editorial group in case of a possible conflict of interests situation.
  2. Reviewers should not allow that origin of the manuscript, nationality, religious affiliation, political or different views of authors or commercial reasons affect the contents of their review.
  3. Reviewers should write the review objectively and structurally, refraining from hostile or seditious statements and also from slanderous or humiliating comments.
  4. Reviewers should understand that, being researchers themselves, they need conscientious reviews from their colleagues and therefore carry out reviewing honestly.
  5. Reviewers should provide the editorial group with exact and accurate information on their personal and professional knowledge and experience.
  6. Reviewers should understand that attempts to pretend the other person during reviewing are a serious violation of the appropriate behavior.


Responsibility of the Authors

  1. The research to be published research should be conducted according to ethical and legal standards.
  2. Researchers have to present results of their work clearly, honestly, without falsifications and speculations with data.
  3. Researchers should make efforts for describing their work and methodology accurately and unambiguously, to make it possible, that their results could be confirmed by others.
  4. Researchers have to observe requirements to publications concerning the fact that their research contains original material, is not plagiarism and was not published earlier.
  5. Authorship of research has to reflect precisely the contribution of certain people to its performance and description.
  6. It is necessary to disclose sources of financing and the related possible conflicts of interests.
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