Publication order

You can submit your article via e-mail only.

Our journal publishes original articles and reviews, containing new scientific results, and also short scientific reports from the following fields of humanitarian and social sciences: culture and cultural heritage, regional cultural development, heritage objects and historical and cultural and natural territories protection.

The original research article should contain at least 20,000 characters, not including the abstract, keywords, drawings, tables and reference list.

The manuscript provided should have signatures of all contributors’ authors at the end of the manuscript, under the following statements:

    1. the manuscript was neither published before nor simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere;
    2. all contributors are aware of the rules for authors;
    3. the authors have no conflict of interests, connected with this publication (if there are two and more authors);
    4. The authors agree with the published article placement in full-text databases.

    The above statements should be typed at the end of the manuscript.

The authors provide the editorial office the following:

  1. computer version of the article in MS Word format;
  2. expert conclusion upon the possibility of publication.

All manuscripts, received by the Heritage and Modern Times journal editorial office, are checked for plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Articles containing elements of plagiarism and self-plagiarism are automatically disqualified, and authors of these articles lose an opportunity further to publish their manuscripts in the journal.

Not accepted:

  1. articles, not following rules;
  2. articles, that lack scientific style in narration;
  3. articles containing elements of plagiarism and self-plagiarism, rough grammatical errors, and also reference list and references in the text, that do not follow the journal rules.

Manuscripts of articles are reviewed. The decision on the publication is made by the journal editorial board, based on the referee judgement.

The manuscript of the article may be rejected both during the reviewing stage, and during the editing stage.

The manuscripts, which are not accepted, are not returned back.

Editorial board does not charge the authors for submitting, reviewing and publication of articles.

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